A smart player will be able to recognize the counterparts that are not going to be risking the entire stacks with a weak hand like AQo. Hence, even a strong hand like AK might be significant equity of disadvantage to face with deeply stacked opponents all in range. Instead of putting in an extra raise with a bet there are often times where just calling with the strongest hand in the initial stage of poker tournament has great benefits that are available at https://poker357.com/

It allows the opponents to continue with the hands that they were folding to keep raising the amount of the pot that a player has been crushed. If a player is currently using the BB in order to calculate the size of the stack, there are different reasons why a player should use M technique

Leaning about the strength of different hand:

Disguise the strength of the hand and keep the unpredictable. It prevents you from getting all in facing a strong range and often time a player will be crushed. It is okay to continue the bet aggressively but that is not the always a great idea. A player has to learn the value of c-betting but it is a strategy that is often been misapplied by the player in overconfidence of pulling a victory. Being the preflop aggressor should not go for a mandatory c-bet and double barrels. This is potentially true in multi-way pots yet the player continues to make a fruitless c-bets with the weak holdings in multiple opponents.


Even in the heads up situations, the key factor is to consider the following

The flop texture interaction with the players’ ranges. The check which player has the strongest range and have the biggest share of a healthy strong hand. About the passive and aggressive kind of players that are in the game and knowing about the right player that you are facing. The size of stacks/ SPR allowing to operate on the future streets and flop. Pulling different hands is quite easy at https://poker357.com/ and this can bring great benefits to a player especially victory.

Do not play the game purely based on the bluffing as once you are caught that will lead you to lose a hell lot of money and making a burn in your pocket. Go for the slow bet wait and have a look at the betting pattern of the opponent and then decide to play the game further it is important to know the right time of folding in the game and saving money. There are high chances of winning the game with some bluffing involved in the game.